Friday, May 1, 2009


what is hapening to me .. i feel like im trapped in my own body .. i used to be a free spirit.. happy and cheerful .. life has wiped out my smile people who are supposed to be on my side .. are turing to devils .. hatred has taking over my soul .. my wounds are not healing .. i miss my old self .. i have this greatest love.. and i cant enjoy it.. im being greedy and selfish .. im not appreciating the gifts that im given .. i've been hurt so badly that i can feel nothing but pain.. the moster has taken away my sight so i can only see darkness.. darkness of the injustice i've been put into .. darkness of my blackened soul.. oh my dear love im not being fair to u.. let the moster burn .. i dont care .. he comes and smiles at me every time he passes by.. like he has not done anything .. the devil! i cant say anything .. whom am i to speak .. what would i say .. we're still in the dark ages.. where women are not allowed to speak out their love.. to hell with all of that .. im a rebel .. i will always be.. and his almighty Allah is whom i'd put my trust on.. i dont care if i dont ever get back from the battle field .. coz this time as they say in kuwaiti ana BAY3A ! PEACE