Sunday, April 27, 2008

جنون حبك

قاتلة هكذا هي لمساتك تنشر بروحي الدفئ تدفعني للجنون قبلتك التي لونتها شفاهك تدك قواعد قلبي تنزع مني السكون كذا عابثا تمسك يدي تلمسها أنامل حانية فتنسيني من أنا من أكون ! أنا ثمرة عشق .. هيام .. و حب تهيم في الأرض فرحا كمن فر من أسر السجون و مذ التقينا حبيبي ما عدت أعبؤ بهم و حزن و ليست تقوى علي الشجون

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Charming You!

Hard to find prince/ss charmin' these days... It aint IMpossible though... For thoes who succeeded in that, it goes like... When i lock eyes with you A sense of peace creeps into my soul It fills me with joy It captures my whole The moment you frown That pretty face of yours Loses its cool but still looks cute What a charming force! What a charming force!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nostalgia .. i guess !

Being a gemini, im used to mood swings ... i mean ... one day u'd hear me say "i hate going to the mall .. what's the point of getting chocked in a crowded place and having people stare at u like ur some kind of a zombie -u know, even zombies need to dress up sometimes ... have a chat with other zombies in a nice cafe/deli/restaurant...etc, ... plus i HATE hate loud people and places!" a few hours or even mintues later u'd see me all dressed and stuff , having my shades on - never mind evenings - ... purse on the shoulder/arm - depending on the purse shape- and singing I FEEL GOOD .. YEAH .. I FEEL GOOD! hmmm same thing applies to me and writing ... there would be days when i can hardly stop slamming my fingers - and i mean, really SLAMMING! - against the keyboard ... in others i couldn't bring myself to type a proper sentence ! thing is i missed being here ... this place used to be my hideout .. my den .. dunno .. i was really stammered when i checked the date i last posted a "thing" here let alone visiting other blogspots or having myself to comment over different issues ... i'm back .. for now .. i guess .. till my moods says otherwise :P what shall i say ? crazy crazy crazy starsign or just crazy moody me !! PEACE !