Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Speaking up One's Mind

Thoughts are prisoners of minds, while feelings are incarcerated deep in hearts. And since i believe in democrasy and freedom of speech, i strongly believe that no -good or beneficial- thought or feeling is to be supressed no matter what! Problem is, this would be true if i were living in the IDEAL world! Let's face it! Sometimes you are loaded with tons of -good- thoughts and -noble- feelings but heck! It is either tradition-wise inappropriate for you to deliver them to the "other party" or that they are kinda gender-restricted... Am i even making sense here? Hmm let me demonstrate... Take the pre-marital tests for example which when taken might help a great deal in preventing inevitable medical disasters. When asked to take it, people involved might take it as an insult just because these things are not written down in our inherited manual of traditions! #@!* As for the second part, the gender discrimination one, i will not elaborate on that coz the minute i do i would be doomed for not observing the tradition-inappropriteness thingy! Enough said Peace!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Infeesa's Big Day!

Today was a big day ib my life journey! Guess what! I actually fixed an edible dish! And NO! Ma7ad 7asha tasamom! Horaaay! I dunno what's so special about this day ili 5alani adish ilma6ba5 when i could not even asawi scrammbled egg! That was not a metaphor! It was THAT bad ! :D Now i can proudly say that i have experienced the joy man felt when settin' foot on the moon! God! It is really overwhelmin'! I know i sound like a maniac n ppl r goin' like " what the fuss is all about? Fixin' a first What's the big deal!" . C? The deal is, well, it is not about a shrimp recipe that i got from a website and decided " boy! That sounds tasty! I should try cookin' it myself " and it is not about starving to death n having to deal with a maid who is on the slow side -plus can hardly understand a word i say- and living with the fact that the cook has decided that she should head back 2 Mumbai and tchayik 3ala 7alalha la yaklona 3aleiha ahalha - bloodsuckers ma7sbaw 7sab our empty stomaches min wara fa3ayilhum -! It is not that either! - though it might be 1 of the crucial factors :p -. Aaaanyway! What i am trying to say here is, i had given myself the oppertunity to actually try something i spent my whole life resenting and praying for God not to do. Not only that, but i have also tried 2 enjoy my time while doin' it. Ok! I reeked of garlic o onion odor lizag bihdomi - still i never touched these things with my bare hands allah y3afi ilmaid:p -. Ok! I had to breathe through lid5ana ili 6al3a min listuff 3ala liskillet, BS! At the end of the day, i walked out of the kitchen door with the biggest smile, a delicious sweet-sour o ham spicy shrim dish AND most importantly the smelliest clothes i have ever worn! It was worth it! O i did not realize how big of an achievement i have accomplished till i heard mom on da phone tellin' her ppl about my dish o how good it tasted:D Maskina she was ga63a ilamal fini, now she's got hope! Hehe i should get a nobel prize 4 dat, revivin hope fi nofos il desperate moms, no? I think i'm done talkin' here Oops la 7ikmat ilyom! "try things u never done be4, there might be a time when u might regret not Trying! U might hate it, that is ok, at least u had given it a shot" Guess that's all 4 now! PEACE!

Monday, November 5, 2007

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

He left me bleedin on the cabin floor, Never looked back and slammed the door Into a wave a darkness i was swept 's time to unleash emotions suppressed Cry! damn it! Weep till dawn! So fragile, so vulnerable was i Whatever happened to lil' miss "sammurai"? Was that a shred of light? have i just regained my sight? No, it must be the end Wait! i shall need to repent towards me an angel has ambled Held me up and hissed "no more pain" I knew then that this stranger wouldnt let me fall And so i trusted him with my troubled soul